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“I Don’t Want to Pay For Other People’s Healthcare”: Why the U.S. Pays More For Worse Healthcare

The United States spends more money on healthcare than any other country in the world. Yet despite pouring money into the industry, it also performs much worse than other similarly wealthy or developed nations in significant measures of health outcome.

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Tools of Change at Artists For Humanity Open House

Take a look inside the Artists for Humanity Epicenter building at their October 2021 open house event. The organization employs hundreds of teens in creative careers where they learn the ropes of various arts alongside the entrepreneurship and business practices needed to succeed in a world that undervalues creative products. Meet the organization that aims […]

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Dirtsa’s Debut and the Duty of a Writer

ALETHEIA’S CALLING exists as a musical and philosophical bridge between times and cultures. The EP by Franco-Cameroonian artist and philosopher Dirtsa is a gear turner, a conversation starter, a personal journey of immense proportions, and a spark drifting on the wind ready to ignite inspiration in its own context. I spoke with Dirtsa about the […]

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